Creating a Brand Mascot

Portfolio Categories: Branding.

When Seabeck Systems came to us and asked us to create a logo, brand identity package that would describe who they were and they philosophy in their logo we were glad to get to work.

After a discussion with them, finding out colors, ideas, feelings they had about their services, we got to work. Their only real ‘had to’ was the color blue. Sure blue stands for security, which is something you want when dealing with data. They also liked the Merrill Lynch bull.

Next we felt you would want someone loyal, a real part of the family who would always be there to help and have your back. When thinking about that, the image of a dog came to mind. A hard working dog that could leap up and catch a frisbee mid-air, showing how Seabeck would be that sort of reliable team player. The dog also represents a fun side, which is the leadership of this company.

"My new logo is great because it’s so different: george asked thoughtful questions and came back with something totally unexpected. Everyone comments on my logo!” -- Peter Loos, Business Consultant, Owner, Seabeck Systems LLC