White Center’s Image

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Neighborhood Identity

With grant monies from the City of Seattle’s Office of Economic Development, The brand started with a committee of community members coming together to invent the global village slogan. From there we took it and designed a logo of colorful rings not perfectly round or same in weight, overlapped them and created a larger circle.

Each of the seven rings are a different color to represent a community into itself from each of the continents, all coming together to create one community.

With 54 languages being spoken in White Center, we next knew we needed to truly make our welcome signs to welcome all residents. When designing the signs, we used each location to be a home to several languages translating the word welcome. Allowing all to be represented throughout the various main roads lading into the neighborhood.

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"You must know by now that I have enormous respect for you. Your talent, your even temperament, your easy going charm and commitment to help people (often undeserving) are simply beyond compare. It is a genuine privilege to work with you and help you if I can." – Patrick